“Worry-less SEO”
faster results without having to worry about updates or algorithms…
The "Art Of War" Playbook That Combines Decades Of Distilled SEO Experience & Cutting Edge Practices!
With the Battleplan 4.0 You can combine cutting edge practices, decades of digital marketing & SEO experience, to create profit for yourself and clients.
This makes the Battleplan 4.0 the most important purchase you can make.
Now, that's a pretty bold claim, isn't it?
If you're the type that knows how to take some of the most valuable information in the world and take ACTION so you can get faster and better results day in and day out...this is for you.
If you're not willing to take action and go after big goals, then please DO NOT GET THE BATTLEPLAN.
This “Battleplan”, much like Sun Tzu’s “The Art Of War” distills decades of experience to combine cutting edge practices with the POFU Processes to get results day in and day out.
"I was amazed at how quickly one of my projects started coming together (and ranking) once I started completing the steps in the Battleplan"

- Josen Ruiseco
"It gives you a step by step guide on what you should be doing all the way even if you are brand new OR a seasoned pro in the game! But the best part is it takes away the fear most people have in doing the unknown that is SEO and forces you to take action and promotes consistency...these guys have shown a love for serving the community!"
- Chris Njigha
If you can’t get repeatable results as a digital marketer, you’re doomed to fail…
Let me repeat part of that last sentence.
Get Repeatable Results…
If you’re a bit like me, you started out, or are starting out, with techniques and methods that mostly work but it’s all in your head and you’re just not sure if you’ve got “all bases covered”.
Which could turn into a HUGE problem.
But it doesn’t have to.
Now, you can ignore the BIG problem staring you in the face and bury your head in the sand.
OR, you can read the Battleplan from start to finish, today, and make sure you join the top performers who have followed Semantic Mastery methods…
The choice is up to you.
Get the Battleplan and have easy to follow processes that get results in the search engines AND with clients based on a combined 30+ years of digital marketing & SEO experience…
Or keep doing what you’re doing and hope that it somehow changes without having a repeatable process.
However, we’d like to save you from all of the pain and suffering that comes along with not having a repeatable process.
Having clients leave faster.
Not being sure if what you’re doing will really “work”.
Uncertainty about where you’ll be in 3 months, 6 months, 1 year…
The stress and headaches that come with all of these.

Who Are We?
Semantic Mastery
We each run our own businesses and agencies and have learned the hard way that having a go-to “playbook” that lays out the dead simple processes is what makes the difference.
It may not be easy - nothing worth doing really is…
But it doesn’t have to be complicated!
What Everyone Is Saying About The Battleplan
And Why You’ll Never Make “The Big Bucks” Without It!
You’ve probably invested time and money into new “tactics” that just didn’t pan out.
And you know what? You’re not alone!
Every single one of us did it, and still does it from time to time.
There's people out there that want you believe that it's all some "dark art" and you need some complicated set up to succeed...
How many times have you seen some crazy plan that looked like this:
No one has time for a 97 point plan that takes years to implement and a team of 5 to do right.
You’ve seen those types of courses and “plans”, right?
What the heck are you even supposed to do?!?
But, that can start to change today.
By recognizing that it’s not tactics that you need.
You need something different.
It’s repeatable processes that get you results.
That’s right - it’s having real processes that are dead simple yet also incredibly POWERFUL.
It’s what big money makers in local markets, national markets, and even ecommerce use every single day to keep the results coming in, customers acquired, and sales flowing.
We’ve taken our best processes and procedures that get real world results and distilled it down.
Made them simple and easy to follow.
It’s not the tangled web and over-complicated setups that you’re used to seeing from online gurus.
And you’ll understand why soon.
The fact is this: The best results come from proven processes that are simple and easy to implement.
“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, learning from failure.”
-Colin Powell
-Retired 4-Star General
What If You Had A Shortcut To SEO Success?
  • What you’ll discover in the Battleplan is proven processes that are simple and easy to implement.
  • ​The very same processes that we use in our own businesses so that we can BUILD our businesses by working ON them, not IN them, as much as possible.
  • ​We’ve included Done For You options where possible to save you time so that you focus on what matters - running your business and bringing in clients.
The Guarantee
If you are a serious SEO or Digital Marketer and you invest in the Battleplan & follow the plans laid out inside, then you will achieve higher rankings and more traffic in 30 days or else we’ll FULLY REFUND your Battleplan purchase AND you can keep it along with ALL bonuses.
Amazing Bonuses
For Battleplan 4.0 Purchasers
SEO Arbitrage Calculator
Find out quickly how much money you can make by onboarding the right clients and using Done For You services to handle 80% of the heavy lifting. See the profit margin right in front of your eyes!
(Value $97)
YouTube Silo Academy
This incredibly popular short course gives you the ability to rank with the "big boys" on YouTube and get better results for your videos, playlists, and channels. It's simple, it's powerful, and it's NOT well known...everyone silo's websites...but what about YouTube?!? (Value $97)
Advanced RSS Strategies
RSS is old...right? You bet, it's been around forever and it's still super powerful! Find out just how much power it has AND how you can put it to use for websites, clients, and more with these Advanced RSS Strategies from the originators of the Syndication Academy course! (Value $147)
Private Member's Area
We've added more training, exclusive videos, and more into a private Battleplan purchaser members area just for you. Get the Battleplan, all the bonuses above, the bonuses below, AND MORE! (Value $897)
P.S. If you hopped down here real quick here’s the details.
We’re offering the Battleplan 4.0 so you can quickly:
  • Get A Big Increase In Leads (AKA Traffic)
  • ​​Get & Keep Better Clients
  • ​Do It All Again & Again With Repeatable Results
And Stop Worrying About Algorithm Updates...
The Battleplan is only $32. That’s it. We’re convinced that it will add so much value to your business that you’ll decide to give us more money in the future for more awesome training and support.
And in case you don’t love it, you can request a full refund and still keep your copy of the Battleplan.
The Battleplan is a distilled field manual that comes from 30+ years of combined experience between the Semantic Mastery partners.
We’ve been building our following for the past 7 years and we’ve tested all of the techniques on the Battleplan by ourselves. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll get the SAME results.
In fact, we don’t guarantee that you’ll get ANY results at all IF you’re not willing to put in the effort.
If you’re looking to make a “quick buck” or for a “push button” solution, without putting in the hard work, DO NOT GET THIS BATTLEPLAN.
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